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Tips and Troubleshooting:

  • Please make sure that there is at least one blank row
    after the last grant on "Basic Info" sheet;
  • Make sure that in the far right section on "Basic Info",
    cancelled shares be entered if  cancellation date is
    entered for a grant, and the exercised shares be entered if
    an exercise date is entered for a grant;
  • Please do NOT enter a SPACE for a zero value;
  • Enter the tax rate at the top of "10Q-K" sheet, if applicable;
  • "Fiscal year" for each grant on "Basic info" sheet is the
    year when it was granted, not the current fiscal year;
  • When you see error message “Unable to set Installed
    property of the AddIn class", please install the following
    three “Add-Ins” functions:
  1. “Analysis ToolPak”;
  2. “Analysis ToolPak – VBA”; and
  3. “Solver Add-in”
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    license expiration date)
    License renew for any 12-month period skipped (or after
    license expiration date)
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