eVolatilitator (an online volatility calculator, $189.95)
an easy way to calculate historical volatility
"eVolatilitator" is a software specially designed to automatically calculate the historical volatility in any period for any stock so long
as its historical stock price info is available on Yahoo! Finance. Although most of its functions are available on Option123
software , "eVolatilitator" provides another simple way to calculate historical volatility of stock/indexes. What you need is MS Excel
and Internet access. You simply pick a stock, select a period to download historical stock price info, and enter the time period
over which you want to calculate historical volatility, Here is the screenshot of eVolatilitator:

  1. Pick a company you want to calculate historical volatility
  2. Select a period in which the company's historical stock price info to be downloaded
  3. In "Measurement Date" column, enter a measurement date which you want to calculate historical volatility:
  • Enter number of "Years" back from the Measurement Date, or
  • Enter a specific "Date Back to" from Measurement Date buy cialis.
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