Option software
Valuation, expense allocation, EPS calculation and disclosure preparation per FASB's ASC Topic 718, Stock Compensation
(formerly, FAS Statement No.
123 (R), Share-Based Compensation.

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  • Free software upgrade
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  • Free monthly update of risk free interest rates
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Option123* (standard version)
Price**: $795.95 (reduced price for limited time) plus $189.95 annual maintenance fee after initial 12 months
  Come with one license. Buy additional license at $99.95 each
OptionX * (online version)
  Price: $99.95 per month no annual maintenance fee
  • The easiest software to value stock options and prepare options disclosure on 10Q and 10K as required by FAS 123
    (R) (superseded by FASB ASC Topic 718 - Stock Compensation) and FAS 123.
  • Turning "Binomial Option Pricing Model" / "Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model with the click of a mouse"
  • Stock price,
  • Exercise price,
  • Expected term (a calculated result using Black-Scholes model with contract term as an input in Binomial
  • Expected volatility over the expected term (or contract term in Binomial model)***,
  • Risk free interest rate over the expected term (or contract term in Binomial model)***,
  • Expected dividend yield over the expected term (or contract term in Binomial model)***,
  • Post-vesting termination rate (Binomial model only)***,
  • Suboptimal factor (Binomial model only).
  • Applicable for valuing options, warrants, rights, or other similar awards.
  • Applicable for both public and non-public companies.

Main Features:

  • Tracking stock options by optionees by plan by fiscal year;
  • Automated diluted EPS computations (FAS 123(R), superseded by FASB ASC Topic 718 - Stock Compensation( and
    FAS 128);
  • Automated fair value valuation by using either Black-Scholes or Binomial model;
  • Automated calculation of any stock's historical volatility based on the life of options;
  • Automated expense allocation and disclosure preparation, as required by FASB ASC Topic 718;
  • Automated sensitivity analysis, assessing the impact on the fair value estimate of changes in the stock price,
    expected life of option, estimated volatility, and risk free interest rate;
  • Automated picking and monthly updating risk free interest rates (not publicly available for free);
  • Automated downloading historical stock price and dividend date on the Internet for any stock.

    * The main difference between Option123, v6.0 (standard version) and OptionX (online version) is that both software upgrade and risk
    free interest rates update are done whenever they are available for OptionX users, while customers who use Option123, v6.0 (standard
    version) are required to do so manually by logging onto our web-site on a monthly basis.

    ** Ordering Option123 (standard version) software indicates that you read and agree this statement: "I understand that each
    subscription grants my firm a license to use Option123 (standard version) for 12 months and I will be required to renew my subscription
    at the end of each 12 month period if I wish to continue to use the program(currently $189.95 per annum).  I'm entitled to receive free
    software upgrades, unlimited customer support during business hours (EST), and free monthly updates of risk free interest rates (Zero
    Coupon Rates, not publicly available for free) during the licensing period. I understand that Option123 licenses are neither transferable
    nor refundable. I read and agree the terms and conditions stated in Option123's Software License/Service Agreement. "

    *** These inputs can be entered differently at each node over the contract term under Binomial model.